Amy Hanley's 'Translating Ambiance Through Queer Ecologies: A Speculative Cartographic Imaginary', including their awesome piece 'Sonic Entanglements', is out in the new issue of Unlikely -

For me, for you by Natalia Newling in the new issue of Runway has an interesting online listening interface

“The so-called cloud is a definitely material and mainly hardwired network...” [Kyle Devine on his book 'Decomposed: The Political Ecology of Music']

this article (and presumably the book it's about) focuses on music streaming, and i'd like to hear more of these conversations in other online listening environments/communities — the materialities of the so-called cloud is something i'm trying to be more thoughtful about


inspired by the homepage I'm spending some time with and their API

thought some other folks here might be interested in their webinar — 'Enhancing Our Understanding: Learning and Teaching about Indigenous Cultures, Languages, and Territories' (it's this Friday 8:30am AEST if I've calculated right!)

Meeting, discussion and sharing space for those working critically and creatively with experimental digital sound, art and design, especially listening, technology, ecologies, capitalism and living through and beyond all of these