For me, for you by Natalia Newling in the new issue of Runway has an interesting online listening interface

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My keynote for ActivityPub Conference 2020 is now online a few days before the conference begins! Since it's a fully remote conference, the idea is you can (should?) watch the talks before the interactive/live sessions later this week.

Here's the keynote, which is about ways to provide value to users that CANNOT be re-centralized by the big corporations:

And all the other talks, which I'm excited to watch:

the excellent Amplify 2020 festival of releases has just come to a close with this from Maria Chavez, followed by a megamix:

Loads of great stuff in the Unsound Intermission program announcement - Machine Listening with Liquid Architecture, Fractal Fantasy, James Hoff and Speaker Music (killleerrrr), a deep listening workshop with Laraaji, etc - kicks off Oct 1 with limited rego for some sessions

Hi @darius I've just finished setting up a Hometown server with a view to starting an experimental meeting space for some like minded folk. I may yet break everything but that's part of the fun right? Anyway, just reaching out to say thanks for all your work on it. The local-only feature is a really key contribution I think. Super interested in what you're doing with events too.

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