Experimental Sound Studio going live now out of the US with Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O'Rourke a bunch of others -

Great write up from Alex White on his research into modular synthesis and composition as an example of practice led research:

Just watched the awesome Sisters with Transistors: Electronic Music's Unsung Heroines. Highly recommended.

Alright. Hometown v1.0.5 (Mastodon 3.3.0) and...we're still here? :)

Hey all. I'm going to try updating to the latest Hometown release. Hopefully I'll see you all soon but if I break everything, well, it's been fun :)

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Has anyone else here played around with hydra before? it's a fun live coding visual platform that runs in browser it's pretty quick and easy to get started with

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Pleased to report that @jomc and I are speaking at a free online event hosted by the Internet Archive and Library Futures on Apr 28. We will be discussing her book Lurking, and what happened when "in the 1990's and early aughts, people became users, and users put their trust in a corporation to do the job of a library."

Hey everyone. This Sunday, March 28, 11am-12pm AEDT @becfary and I will be leading a reading of the introduction to Jenny Odell's 'How to Do Nothing' at Hill of Content Bookshop for Melbourne Design Week. It's a wonderful chapter, and book, and we'll be responding to it with a focus on the question, 'How can we promote peer-to-peer learning through design?' Bec has graciously stepped in for Toni Roberts. Entry by donation booking, please join us if you can!

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The project I've been working on with Anuraag Bhatia for the last little bit is now live over at as part of Darebin Arts 'Exhibiting Culture Online'. It's a series of reflective prompts set to a different soundtrack and and visual each day which will culminate in an online performance on the 5/3. For us it was about creating a space that allowed for both personal contemplation and a shared vulnerability

Invasion Day, Australia 

I'm spending the day on Dja Dja Wurrung country - always was, still is, always will be Aboriginal land.

Terra Nil - thanks for the tip @p_hase, just what I needed mid spreadsheet and email afternoon

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Now playing - part of a great series of recordings made throughout 2020 in the Sahel using WhatsApp, and one of the best uses of a messaging app I've come across

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I'm going to get along to the sysadmin miniconf at online 2021 to see if I can upskill a bit
Lots of interesting sounding sessions and there's financial assistance available for those that need it: Thanks @hugh and others for posting about the conference - I wouldn't have known otherwise!

Hey all. Happy new year! I take over as Program Manager of the Digital Media degree at RMIT University in Melbourne tomorrow, and we've got a new position advertised. It's 3 years fixed term for a teacher/researcher/human with a PhD and expertise in digital, interactive and immersive design, who has recently worked as a casual in an Australian uni. Sound like you or someone you know? Check out the details at and think about applying. Questions and boosts most welcome.

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Hi, I'm setting up this account to talk about culture, computers, and art.

I spend most of my energy as a grad student studying online communities, but I also like spend time hacking on creative projects (music tech interests: modular synths, SuperCollider, BitWig, MPE).

Fun fact: I wrote a senior thesis on livecoding culture.


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Music 🤝 meditation
being able to quiet the mind

Listening in to Byron Dean's new work on Bus Radio right now if anyone out there has some ears spare...

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