Loads of great stuff in the Unsound Intermission program announcement - Machine Listening with Liquid Architecture, Fractal Fantasy, James Hoff and Speaker Music (killleerrrr), a deep listening workshop with Laraaji, etc - kicks off Oct 1 with limited rego for some sessions unsound.pl/en/intermission/sch

@benbyrne so keen for Laraaji's deep listening session, i've registered even though it's at 6:30am our time 😅

@becfary yeah I don't think I can listen deeply at 6:30am, but maybe I should at least try

@benbyrne i made it 😌 listening to ambience on zoom is... not ideal, but it was still a really nice start to the day - and so cool to see Laraaji in the zone, lots of smiles. kinda makes me want to stay up late//early for his laughter workshop on the weekend


@becfary glad it was worth the early start. any particularly interesting techniques?

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@benbyrne it was a livestream performance (not sure why they called it a workshop but I'm okay with that). was a really nice slow build/crescendo over an hour or so, mixing field recordings and (I think) music. aside from the lapping water sounds which I obviously loved, I was especially struck by his use of breath, moving around the mic and making abstract vocals. I hadn't heard him experiment with voice like that before so it was very cool

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