Interesting article on 'aesthetic flattening', linking underpowered personal computers to the tyranny of zoom

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@p_hase One of the authors, Jaz Choi, is on staff in Design at RMIT too

@benbyrne cool I hadn't heard the name before, just looking at their other work now

@benbyrne very interesting things to think about from the article considering my own preference's reversion from 3D back to 2D. I think I see where's they're coming from with the flattening and it's a good prompt for thinking about my work for sure, thanks for sharing!

@p_hase Yeah it's thought provoking - connected to your work and 2D/3D it seems to come from a focus on representation that I'm not quite on board with, especially in tandem with a focus on intense computational practices, what about lightweight and open web sites, apps and practices?

@benbyrne yeah that's pretty much my thoughts too, i agree with the need for more expressive affordances but i'm not sure VR is realistically more successful than say emojis in that regard given the costs (time, energy & money) of development/personalisation/use?

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