@benbyrne have you seen the clip of him hanging out at the sauna making music before? youtu.be/sXIGR5_qC48


@p_hase Awesome. No I hadn't. My kinda guy.

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@benbyrne @p_hase I love this video. Whilst other's waste their lives sharing gear porn to make people jealous of their set-ups Foodman is kicking back in the sauna making bangers without so much as a midi keyboard. This is iconic!! King shit, as the kids are saying.

@doktorb @p_hase Totally. This reminds me too of hosting DJ Scotch Egg for TINA in Newcastle one year, and coming downstairs in the hotel the morning after his show, after something like 4 hours sleep, to find him in the lobby making tracks in garageband.

@benbyrne @p_hase I love DJ Scotch Egg so much, I haven't thought about their music in forever, I should put some on. To be fair to GarageBand it is supremely underrated. It kinda blows me away that they just give it away for free.

@doktorb @benbyrne haha that's a great story, i still listen to their other band WaqWaq Kingdom a lot - highly recommend soundcloud.com/waqwaqkingdom

@p_hase @benbyrne check yeah. I didn't know about this project. Thanks for wording me up!!

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