@benbyrne Did you give @pointy your log-in? Is this where you end up after you jump the temporary fence and cross the constriction site?

@doktorb @pointy Interaction design from Radiohead's new interactive exhibition thingo

@p_hase @doktorb @pointy Yeah it is. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Definitely a fan thing but I really enjoy the way it allows you to 'navigate' the music.

@benbyrne @doktorb @pointy ngl i was a total fanboy all through my teens especially for amnesiac so have be torn over whether to engage with my peak nostalgia hahaha but i will check it out this week

@p_hase @doktorb @pointy Kid A was the one for me. Blew my mind at the time. This thing manages to be contemporary I think, even in being nostalgic.

@benbyrne @p_hase @pointy Ooh yeah! Kid A was an absolute game changer for me when it came out. I have re-listened regularly over the years and found that the magic has never really worn off for me.

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