I've been doing a beginner's mycology and mushroom growing course, and now I have mushrooms!

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@benbyrne I had no idea such courses existed, and I'm very intrigued.

@mike I'd been watching for one for a while, and jumped at an online one with Milkwood when I got the chance -

@benbyrne yupppp!! we had three flushes of pink oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus djamor). currently hoping for a fourth flush. lion's mane was also fun to watch grow, very pretty and tasty. reishi is beautiful looking, it does release a hell of a lot of spores once it flourishes - it looked like someone had spilt delicious cocoa powder all over the place.

@jemisahologram Niiiice. I didn't realise how much growing you've done. I suspect it'll just be one flush here this time but I'll try and do more as it gets cooler next year.

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