I've got a new solo release out, the first in a while. It's called /OPT and it's available from Avantwhatever, for free download at and pay as you want on bandcamp. Thanks to all you listeners out there.

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@benbyrne woohoo congrats! love what you did with the names. excited to have a listen to where it's at now - was the previous version I heard unmastered?

@p_hase @benbyrne love the names too! and it sounds somehow bassier than i remembered. LOVE IT.

@pointy @p_hase Thanks both :) Glad you like the names. And yeah, now mastered - the main focus of which was pulling out the bass and otherwise keeping all the frequencies present.

@benbyrne @pointy @p_hase Oh awesome!! I can't wait to hear how it sounds mastered!!!

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