Audition #5 is happening this Friday at Composite, featuring Amias Hanley and Local Time creatively addressing attention, attunement and access - Free by RSVP

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@raychill There's a group of us putting Audition together across a number of schools at RMIT, me included, but this one is being convened by Amias Hanley

@benbyrne I saw the cross-faculty collaboration - I love seeing stuff like that. Hope it’s a roaring success!

@raychill Thanks. It's been going well so far, and I'm sure this one will be great. We're all really happy to be doing something that draws on university projects and resources, and opens them up to the public, especially in support of creative practices.

@benbyrne is there any more/doco on these auditions for us remotes?

@phonebox No unfortunately, but we're planning to do more next year and might expand into some online activities

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