@becfary Now potted up into tubes and enjoying some sunshine and extra space

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Guling, wattle flower time - one of my favourite of Naarm's seasons :)

Spending invasion day on Wurundjeri country -always was, always will be

Bright and flashing lights 

Spent the afternoon as an essential worker, running lighting and composition projects some of our students have been working on in lockdown for the Capitol theatre and videoing them so the students have something to refer to as they continue to work from home 😃

@darius Avantwhatever.org recently went from private to open sign ups and I noticed the form includes an extra password confirmation and website field, both labelled '(do not fill in)'. I've dropped in some custom CSS to get rid of them short term to avoid confusion, but do you have any tips on why? I notice other Hometown and Masto instances don't seem to have them, though the fields seem to be there but disabled. I've looked but for the life of me can't figure out where that is set.

Invasion Day, Australia 

I'm spending the day on Dja Dja Wurrung country - always was, still is, always will be Aboriginal land.

Terra Nil - thanks for the tip @p_hase, just what I needed mid spreadsheet and email afternoon vfqd.itch.io/terra-nil


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