@pointy Just checked my settings, and maybe it's because I turned emails off? 😆

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OK, so after https://video.rhizome.org which we launched in the beginnng of 2021, https://rhizome.social is Rhizome's second Fediverse service!

@pointy I feel like emails from follows on bandcamp are inconsistent at best. Sounds like that's just me?

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We must do the impossible -- rid the world of nations, bringing the play of intelligent anarchy into a world environment.
-- John Cage

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@stephen_cornford We watched it and enjoyed it. I haven't read the book though.

Avantwhatever.net is calling for applications for the next round of our financially supported server residencies, happening Jan-March 2023. We collectively run a low power server on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land, in an effort to build a shared online space and help people host their own stuff. Applications close Dec 14. More info at avantwhatever.net/#application and boosts very welcome :)

@pointy Yeah, there's something very peaceful about it. I love works like this where things sounds happenstance but nonetheless perfect.

@rorydoinstuff Love the interface for Zhi's I am under the impression, and the crawl_space landing page and menu for that matter 🎛️

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the digital lit publication i've been putting together for a while now is live! crawlspace.cool w six pieces of interactive/multimedia poetry ✨

@rorydoinstuff I guess some of those bugs might be friendly house spiders that are best left to their corners too... The site looks great. Looking forward to diving in :)

Stumbled on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie - still awesome

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@pointy Both things I'd like to read. Likewise, I've dipped into undercommons, but not for a while. I figured you'd have yelled out if you were going. I'm keen to hear and meet Cher sometime if the chance comes up.

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