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@a yes, exactly that -- I was listening to a podcast about some Internet of blockchain tech where the interviewee was talking about the BFT research, which is what lured me in

@p_hase Cheers. I needed something come up next. Digging it so far.

@mike @koosli A few of us at Avantwhatever did a cultural consultancy with some Wurundjeri Elders about our project recently and they mentioned that there are multiple spellings. They said a number of the Elders use the term, but weren't definitive about when and where it's appropriate. I've mostly seen the double a too.

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Summarized my observations of a user interface design trend producing buttons that have users do work to reconfigure themselves instead of buttons triggering actions to reconfigure the system:

"Button Pushes You"

Show thread invites applications for two-month financially-supported server residencies.

We undertake hosting as creative and social practice, helping people to host their own stuff online and to develop shared server practices. We engage with the internet as material reality, from the technology employed to the energy used, and country occupied.

Full details, application process, and contact information available at:

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"Bad Calendar" — an exploration of cheerful user interfaces (video, 2022)

@ben_hr I was late to Le Guin. Just finished The Left Hand of Darkness after reading The Dispossessed over summer, and now launching into The Word of World is Forest. Inspired is the word, and the most enjoyable reading I've done in a while.

Hi all. This Sunday in the Black Box multichannel audio space at RMIT - free presentations of new commissions from Meri Leeworthy and Jassy Robertson - register for your choice of 2pm and 5pm sessions:

@pointy @p_hase Thanks both :) Glad you like the names. And yeah, now mastered - the main focus of which was pulling out the bass and otherwise keeping all the frequencies present.

I've got a new solo release out, the first in a while. It's called /OPT and it's available from Avantwhatever, for free download at and pay as you want on bandcamp. Thanks to all you listeners out there.

@doktorb Definitely seems like a productive concept for you to engage with to keep pushing your work along. It's been a while since I looked at it but from memory when I've checked out some of Thrift's ideas I've been onboard, but with a hint of concern that the practice doesn't really follow through on the theory's claims.

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