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The project I've been working on with Anuraag Bhatia for the last little bit is now live over at as part of Darebin Arts 'Exhibiting Culture Online'. It's a series of reflective prompts set to a different soundtrack and and visual each day which will culminate in an online performance on the 5/3. For us it was about creating a space that allowed for both personal contemplation and a shared vulnerability

@david @edsu I use Evolution as a daily drive across work and personal accounts - does everything I need

@doktorb Alpha-males (of any gender), faith and algorithmic programming - all things to manage very carefully!

@doktorb @p_hase I think a single Fractal Fantasy style portal is a great way to go about it. It's one work, housing a number of works. Lots of scope for collaboration. I'd be interested to do something. It'd be a great chance for me to mess around with tone.js. Are you keen to work on the sound side @p_hase or the visuals, interface, or all of the above? It could fit with your research too if you built a visual interface for a number of people to provide audio for, code driven or otherwise?

@p_hase @doktorb Sounds like a theme or central focus is a good idea. It could be a good chance for you to curate something if you're up for it.

@p_hase @doktorb Great. Do you have any sense of what the festival is beyond a showcase of the collaborative commissions? It sounds to me a bit like they're offering you a chance to frame a program they could include, but it's difficult to know how to connect with what they are doing without knowing more about the event.

Invasion Day, Australia 

I'm spending the day on Dja Dja Wurrung country - always was, still is, always will be Aboriginal land.

@p_hase @doktorb I'm tempted to apply too. Not that I really have the time. Could we stage a takeover?

@ntnsndr This is my preference. It's my approach in teaching situations, as well as with other projects. Interested if it can work here, having recently started an instance of @darius's Hometown. What are the pitfalls though, I wonder? A need to move slowly and be wary of scale? I'm fine with both of those.

@p_hase @doktorb Yeah, the token stuff rings alarm bells for me. is interesting too - stream to own is their model.

@p_hase @doktorb Agreed. Do you think many people actually download what they buy? I always do but I wonder that most people prefer to just stream from it. It's great that you have the choice but beyond the issue of what if it changes model or disappears, I've been thinking a bit about the unnecessary bandwidth taken with repeatedly streaming things.

Terra Nil - thanks for the tip @p_hase, just what I needed mid spreadsheet and email afternoon

@doktorb @p_hase Totally, you're right about how important they've been. They are one of my favourite platforms. Hence the problem.

@doktorb @p_hase I'm with Sarah. It's a big issue I think. Ultimately Bandcamp is a platform, and exploits network effects in the name of monopolisation.

@pointy @miyuki It would be significant, certainly. But it doesn't read to me like he's talking about adopting ActivityPub, and they have a conflict of interest promoting decentralisation while working to a profit imperative. I wonder too as I've got more and more out of this space that there's a cultural and ethical divide they'll struggle to cross. We'll see I guess?

@pointy @miyuki A thorough, and seemingly pretty honest, account of what's at play, I think. Although, I would go a little further. When we are living under small governments and massive corporations, a company removing access can be more impactful, in different ways, than a government removing access. Great that the birdsite says it wants to support decentralisation with open source and standards, but doesn't all that already exist? *Looks around*

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