Fascinating story about the audio game Shades of Doom, I'd never heard of it and it sounds like an amazing example of sound design for accessibility and playability if50.substack.com/p/2005-shade

Bright and flashing lights 

Spent the afternoon as an essential worker, running lighting and composition projects some of our students have been working on in lockdown for the Capitol theatre and videoing them so the students have something to refer to as they continue to work from home 😃

@jomc Sounds like you've had a week. Good time to mention then, hopefully, that @p_hase put me on to your book Lurking last year and it's been a big influence for a few of us here as we've established this instance. Thanks for your writing - it's vital.

I'm facilitating a panel, Curated Sound, for the More-than-sound symposium, which is streaming payment and login free online from 10am AEST next Monday, September 20 - all welcome! more-than-sound.net/

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A series about a bunch of wannabe-crackers living in the Finnish countryside in the 1990's http://viznut.fi/cwu/ by @viznut, a decade in the making

Just discovered HTML Energy - a beautiful little podcast from Laurel Schwulst and Elliot Cost of interviews with web designers focused on hand coding html.energy/podcast.html

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"Why are hyperlinks blue?" by Elise Blanchard https://blog.mozilla.org/en/internet-culture/deep-dives/why-are-hyperlinks-blue/

Incredibly thorough history. I love stuff like this.

@becfary Good read. I agree with you - a thoughtful and nuanced take. Pascoe's use of European settler records and methods to make a case for Aboriginal Australian agriculture and thus occupation of country is a deft tactic I find, but does invite critique such as Sutton and Walshe's. What Muecke very eloquently opens up I think is how that critique is itself a settler logic, undermining Sutton and Walshe's position and showing how Dark Emu can be read more deeply.

@becfary I haven't read any of these actually. I'll check out the Muecke as soon as I get a moment. Thanks for the link.

@jemisahologram Thanks. This is helping me get my week rolling as I type. Chill but insistent - perfect for a Monday.

@jemisahologram Great to have you here. Lurking most welcome, but it's nice to hear from you too. The slowness of this space is a feature, but I wonder that it makes introducing yourself into more of a moment. A number of us chat with other a bit via DMs, so there's more chatter below the surface. Any listening recommendations? I just discovered White Flowers, who are fitting very well with a Friday research afternoon. whiteflowersssss.bandcamp.com/

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the music stream i ran with Raag earlier this year is making a comeback during the current lockdown every friday night. it'd be lovely to see some of y'all in the chat if you have the energy :) it's 8-11pm AEST tomorrow night at room2.fm

Interesting article from Robin James on the 'vibe' focus of Spotify, compared with the use of genre on Peloton, and the role of streamed music in having, as James puts it, 'workers produce the nuanced affects and comportments that investors and algorithms use to estimate the speculative possibilities inhering in both the workers themselves and the companies exploiting their work'. reallifemag.com/moving-in-ster

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Meeting, discussion and sharing space for those working critically and creatively with experimental digital sound, art and design, especially listening, technology, ecologies, capitalism and living through and beyond all of these

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