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@gotteland congrats - I like the way you can wander in and out of the music

@jessiescott thanks for posting - I shared this with the digital media undergrads yesterday and will post on the school of design intranet today

@gotteland this is a nicely put together record - great to hear what Mat is up to

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There's a little-noticed mistake in the recording for "Zombie" by The Cranberries where in the pre-chorus the lead singer sings "and their bombs" twice! I fixed it so you can hear the song the way it was intended.

You're welcome!

Amy Hanley's 'Translating Ambiance Through Queer Ecologies: A Speculative Cartographic Imaginary', including their awesome piece 'Sonic Entanglements', is out in the new issue of Unlikely -

Last night for Unsound - DeForrest Brown Jr and James Hoff's new work HOBO UFO (v. The New World) with a fascinating artist talk afterward that includes discussion of whiteness as an interface:

just finished freire's 'pedagogy of the oppressed'. its framing of a co-operative and problem-based education process both speaks to my approach to teaching and pushes me to extend it. i particularly appreciate the focus on praxis, supported by freire's argument that 'human activity is theory and practice; it is reflection and action'. @doktorb thanks for the push to finally read it.

@becfary glad it was worth the early start. any particularly interesting techniques?

@becfary @p_hase i've just been listening to ju ca. thanks for the recommend. 'seeing words' really pulled me in. putting excoriation on now - sounds like the perfect follow up

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Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones' dreamRooms(); is still online as of right now if anyone wants to catch it

Great new record from Rian Treanor - perfect for Friday arvo grinding through .docx track changes

For me, for you by Natalia Newling in the new issue of Runway has an interesting online listening interface

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My keynote for ActivityPub Conference 2020 is now online a few days before the conference begins! Since it's a fully remote conference, the idea is you can (should?) watch the talks before the interactive/live sessions later this week.

Here's the keynote, which is about ways to provide value to users that CANNOT be re-centralized by the big corporations:

And all the other talks, which I'm excited to watch:

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