Aaaaand lastly we have my remix from Thickly Painted Closet's N A P K I N 7 ep. It was a lot of fun taking noise rock recorded live without the limitations of a DAW and filtering it through my own chaotic workflow. Working on this makes me wish I could play in a live band again.

Again I'm linking my track but if you need some noise in your life you should definitely listen to this whole thing coz every remix is *chef's kiss*!!

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Next we have my guest spot on the Citrus Torrent App ep. CTA are a Floridian improv trio who asked me to improvise a mangled rhythm jam that would push the closing track into uncharted territory.

I've spent most of my life playing in improv groups but jamming alone and imagining how other's might react definitely took me into a weird space.

Here's a link to the track (but if you're in the mood for free-form synthwave mood music definitely check out the whole thing)

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First up is the VNR Autumn compilation, my contribution to this is special because it was a collab with close friend VDMR. They gave me the stems of a demo track they'd been working on and I transformed it into an unholy mix of blackgaze witch house rave noise.

Here's a link to our track although definitely take the time to listen to the whole comp coz it's 100% killer!!

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OK so I am pretty uncomfortable being a self-promotion guy but I've been involved in a few collaborative projects that came Vacuum Noise Records label recently that I'd like to share them here because:

1) I am really proud of my contribution and 2) I'm in awe of my talented friends and peers. So here goes (thread incoming)...

They've run this experiment before and the results were pretty magical. You can listen for yourself here:

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I am not sure who might be interested in this but my buddy who runs the wonderful Engram records currently has a call out for submissions to a comp with a really cool idea. Basically you need to think of a song that inspired you to start making music and then you try and recreate it from memory without re-listening. If you're interested you should reach out. They're on the bird site, Soundcloud and Bandcamp:

This is a really enjoyable read arguing against the relevance of cyberpunk as the narrative or aesthetic for the times. Our existence is a dorky, awkward mess perpetrated by clueless failchildren not a battle fought by sexy cool-ass hackers. I present to you the corporate gothic.

A while ago I was chatting with @p_hase about cybergrind adjacent music and I forgot to recommended Thana Orchard. I feel it is important to now correct this oversight.

Thana's music is like a sceamo/mathcore chiptune crossover and it is awesome. They are also really good people!!

Not sure if anyone who missed yesterday's stream has the time and/or inclination but, just in case, I have uploaded the video of my set to YouTube for posterity.

If anyone is at a loose end this afternoon, my friends and I are streaming mashup, breakcore and general electronic weirdness from 1pm AEDT.

You can catch the show on

Pretty obsessed with this album at the moment. I love how it manages to swing from zany hyperpop to moody shoegaze/post rock as if this transition is the most natural thing in the world.

I found these browser-based animated concrete poems that behave differently depending on the time of day they are viewed and immediately thought of you @becfary

It's so beautiful how Petscop becomes a mirror. I love how the community that has coalesced out of the need to make meaning out of the text is as creative as the series itself. The symbiotic relationship whereby not only could the fandom not exist without the series but also the series would be nothing without the fandom drawing out all these intimate connections.

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I think my favourite example of this is the popular fan theory that the entire story is about the main character processing the trauma associated with their coming out and living as a trans man. the YT vid linked here is a good primer on this subject but I also encourage you to click on the link to the creator's Google Doc where they lay all this out this reading in granular detai:

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To elaborate, I found an interview with the creator where he talked about how Petscop was never made to be a solvable puzzle. Rather the creator wanted to capitalise on people's desire to interact through and extract meaning from online media and so every interpretation of the text was not only integral to defining what Petscop was but also in establishing why it mattered.

Interview can be read here:

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I spent a large chunk of this weekend watching the web series/ARG Petscop ( I also delved into fan-theories on YT, Reddit and wikis.

This whole experience really connected with lots of my own ideas about what makes internet content/culture meaningful...

Why settle for Zuccc's metaverse when you can join the meatverse?

My buddy Magenta Skull's weekly Wednesday Mashup show is celebrating it's first birthday with a stream featuring Magenta, me, Waffle Assembly and Psychic Slime and a pre-show live DJ mix by Dea Decay.

For Australian the show will start 11am on Sunday 21st November. In the meantime please enjoy this ridiculous promo video we made for the event :)

Rewatching this when I should be editing my thesis (sorry @benbyrne) and I realise how much of my personality can be explained by younger me's obsession with TISM. Never has the Australian suburban cultural cringe that inspires my own questionable creative practices been better embodied.

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