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The project I've been working on with Anuraag Bhatia for the last little bit is now live over at as part of Darebin Arts 'Exhibiting Culture Online'. It's a series of reflective prompts set to a different soundtrack and and visual each day which will culminate in an online performance on the 5/3. For us it was about creating a space that allowed for both personal contemplation and a shared vulnerability

I have created the PERFECT LOOP!! And all I had to do was go to and loaded SOAD - Toxicity and Techno Chicken into the Mashupinator3000, then chop out a bar out of the combined clucking/solo guitar intro and slow it down by 20%. It is so perfect that I will now be retiring from music (joke... I'll never stop!!!!)

Interesting read about how problematic memes can be appropriated as a source of power for the people they target. Doomer Girls and goth gfs RISE UP!!!

A really interesting analysis of how alpha-maleness can leave men vulnerable to being exploited by weaponised misinformation online. Think of this as a sombre warning to all those Chads out there 🙃

Feeling way emotionally over-invested in this r/wsb vs hedge funds saga. Every time I try and. disconnect from the story it takes a compelling turn and I hooked right back in!!!

Sorry for the bird site cross posting but this tweet about encroaching centralisation and Bandcamp seemed too relevant to @benbyrne and @p_hase not to.

Thanks to the magic of internet I was able to participate in Throw Down whilst also being on holidays without my computer. The 2 day Australian vaporwave (and adjacent genres) streaming fest organised by Kanga Corp Records is now being archived for posterity by the label on their YT channel. Just in case you feel like your day needs more noisy sample torture here's a link to my set ( but also check out the others, there's so much good stuff!!)

Anyone whose ever broached the subject with me will know I have a very love/hate relationship with Mark Fisher but I'm finally reading his The Weird and the Eerie and it's helping me piece together so many thoughts about the affective qualities of strangeness as both a research method (making strange) and a cultural mode (weird internet).

For anyone who loves weird internet music in all its various shapes and sizes my good buddy Vacuum Noise Records has curated an evolving compilation. The label will be continuously unveiling new tacks on the (almost) daily till the end of 2020. There's so much good stuff planned for this project which has already been rolling couple of week.

DISCLAIMER: I have been scheduled as one of the featured artists (but don't let that put you off)

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