It's been a while since I graffitied the Avantwhatever timeline with my nonsense so I thought I'd stop by and leave this here.

Spike Lee sez the digital rebellion is here (and it *will* be streamed on YouTube)

Thank you youngest bitcoin millionaire tech sigma chad guy, this has made my morning!!!!

I just discovered a YT Channel that makes nightcore versions of songs that least fit the genre. It's absolute comedy gold.

I am sorry about the endless promo posting but the compilation I curated and helped organise for Headless Blood Idol has finally be released. It's got a very diverse range of music on it from old school punk and cybergrind to industrial hip hop and trap all the way through to glitch, drone, vaporwave and even a nu-metal inspired nightcore track (so good!!).

Something has gone very wrong with my Twitter advertising profile... who the heck does the algo think I am?!!

The next Headless Blood Idol livestream show is on this Weekend... if you are in Australia it starts at 10.30am AEST on Sunday. We'll also be premiering our first community compilation at the afterparty in our discord.

Soundcloud artist promo-bots are a puzzling phenomenon. I mean... after getting a deluge of PMs from accounts with the same pfp and generic message has anyone actually thought to themselves "Y'know what? Yes! This is definitely the answer to whatever has been stopping me blowing up online"?!!?! Who are these mythical rubes that make this a scam worth running? I'd genuinely love to meet one unless... unless it actually worked and all the big timers are keeping it a secret!!

I am really enjoying the cybergrind revival! So good to see a genre I loved 15 years ago finally outgrowing the edgelord white boy bullshit that held it hostage in the MySpace days.

To deal with the meta-ironic tendencies of weird internet culture one must become Schrödinger’s academic. Is this a serious study? Or a meta-ironic parody? I don't know so... guess you're going to have to fuck around and we'll find out.

Also Headless Blood Idol is planning regular gigs and we are open to anyone interested in gaining experience creating video sets and organising/running streaming events. We are committed to creating a community space where we can all learn from, and support each other to develop our crafts together. Feel free to DM if this sounds like something you'd be interested in and let's chat

I am part of a community art crew called Headless Blood Idol who are putting on their first gig this weekend on the 27th 5.30pm pst (28th 10.30am aest). If you are interested in cyberpunk, breakcore, mash-up or plunderphonic weirdness you might just hear something you like!

Anyone in the mood for some chaotic mash-upcore energy should check my friend Magenta Skull's livestream out RIGHT NOW

Oh and their last album 'Just Got Back From The Discomfort — We’re Alright' is a Malcom in the Middle concept album. Ok... I'll stop now!!

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Also the band are absolute sweethearts and their fandom is the most wholesome thing on the internet. Trust me, it will restore your faith in the universe!!!!

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If you like lo-fi weirdness and think awkward angular emo music needed more Sonic the Hedgehog samples and/or trumpet then I cannot stress how much you need to listen to The Brave Little Abacus.

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The project I've been working on with Anuraag Bhatia for the last little bit is now live over at as part of Darebin Arts 'Exhibiting Culture Online'. It's a series of reflective prompts set to a different soundtrack and and visual each day which will culminate in an online performance on the 5/3. For us it was about creating a space that allowed for both personal contemplation and a shared vulnerability

I have created the PERFECT LOOP!! And all I had to do was go to and loaded SOAD - Toxicity and Techno Chicken into the Mashupinator3000, then chop out a bar out of the combined clucking/solo guitar intro and slow it down by 20%. It is so perfect that I will now be retiring from music (joke... I'll never stop!!!!)

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Meeting, discussion and sharing space for those working critically and creatively with experimental digital sound, art and design, especially listening, technology, ecologies, capitalism and living through and beyond all of these

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