I am really enjoying the current jreg character arc in his quest to understand coping in an era of impending doom. He's an absolute master of the meta-ironic return to ?sincerity? through too many laters of ironic fuckery.


If you are looking for something to do this weekend @jemisahologram and I are both playing at the Headless Blood Idol Community Group Show stream. It starts Saturday night for US/Eu and Sunday morning for Aus/NZ and there will be two screenings back to back if you have early evening/morning plans.

>submit PhD
>discover non-representational media theory
>realise it's what I've actually been trying to describe the whole time
>not sure if I am laughing/crying or crying/laughing

Haha I had a boomer attack and forgot to post this as a reply to @pointy. I kind of think it's better like this just floating there completely free of context

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How dare you call this bland!!! what happened to you, that closed you off from the radiant beauty of this world?

My good buddy's label Space Anemone just turned 5 and we put together a compilation featuring 15 new tracks from me and many of my good friends as well 15 of the label's greatest hits. I love that this label maintains an equal commitment to 90s acid dance, psych rock jam bands and contemporary electronic weirdness.

Anyways, if you are interested, here is a link:


Kony2012 was the single greatest thing to ever happen to internet culture. It warms my heart to know that someone out there is still trying to get Kony after all this time.


Another thing I was reminded of @benbyrne was this cool participatory art/micro-fiction writing challenge called Invisible Networks where every day for the first 14 days of this month people take a prompt and use it to invent a weird/magical/terrifying social network.

It got me thinking about how interesting it would be to run an extra-curricular project where students developed new fantastical networking paradigms which culminated in a fun pitching competition event.

Just spitballing :)

After our chat yesterday @benbyrne I was reminded that someone has developed a Bandcamp-style streaming player that allows you to embed and sell digital music through itch.io. I am thinking this also might be something of interest to @p_hase

Anyway, here's a tweet straight from the keyboard of the project dev with the details:


So... ahhh... um... I feel deeply uncomfortable mentioning this but... I was interviewed for an internet radio show called The Forest At Night. And the interview has been posted on their YT archive.

If you want to hear me talk about the Headless Blood Idol origin story, my thoughts about a post-Bandcamp creative community, the evolution of internet aesthetics beyond edge or why I sample the ridiculous shit I do you can find out here:


So... it's slowly dawned on my that uploading my thesis actually means I have finished it. Sounds silly that this detail would pass me by but I have been so focussed on all the steps I need to complete to get through examination that it's taken me a couple of days to process this fact.

A webcomic for anyone who's been through a goth or industrial-adjacent phase in their lives. Special mention to @ThermiteBeGiants because this comic contains Boards of Canada and Autechre references

Aaaaand lastly we have my remix from Thickly Painted Closet's N A P K I N 7 ep. It was a lot of fun taking noise rock recorded live without the limitations of a DAW and filtering it through my own chaotic workflow. Working on this makes me wish I could play in a live band again.

Again I'm linking my track but if you need some noise in your life you should definitely listen to this whole thing coz every remix is *chef's kiss*!!


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Next we have my guest spot on the Citrus Torrent App ep. CTA are a Floridian improv trio who asked me to improvise a mangled rhythm jam that would push the closing track into uncharted territory.

I've spent most of my life playing in improv groups but jamming alone and imagining how other's might react definitely took me into a weird space.

Here's a link to the track (but if you're in the mood for free-form synthwave mood music definitely check out the whole thing)


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First up is the VNR Autumn compilation, my contribution to this is special because it was a collab with close friend VDMR. They gave me the stems of a demo track they'd been working on and I transformed it into an unholy mix of blackgaze witch house rave noise.

Here's a link to our track although definitely take the time to listen to the whole comp coz it's 100% killer!!


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OK so I am pretty uncomfortable being a self-promotion guy but I've been involved in a few collaborative projects that came Vacuum Noise Records label recently that I'd like to share them here because:

1) I am really proud of my contribution and 2) I'm in awe of my talented friends and peers. So here goes (thread incoming)...

They've run this experiment before and the results were pretty magical. You can listen for yourself here:


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I am not sure who might be interested in this but my buddy who runs the wonderful Engram records currently has a call out for submissions to a comp with a really cool idea. Basically you need to think of a song that inspired you to start making music and then you try and recreate it from memory without re-listening. If you're interested you should reach out. They're on the bird site, Soundcloud and Bandcamp:


This is a really enjoyable read arguing against the relevance of cyberpunk as the narrative or aesthetic for the times. Our existence is a dorky, awkward mess perpetrated by clueless failchildren not a battle fought by sexy cool-ass hackers. I present to you the corporate gothic.


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