One of my favorite LumosStick demos is not particularly practical but it is mesmerizing. 🤩

what was your first social network?

(plz boost for sample size)
:boost_requested: is calling for applications for the next round of our financially supported server residencies, happening Jan-March 2023. We collectively run a low power server on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land, in an effort to build a shared online space and help people host their own stuff. Applications close Dec 14. More info at and boosts very welcome :)

I’m DJing live on in 40 mins! Tune in for some and beats, as well as the premiere of my latest song “Disco Brutus (F.L.O.)”!

no live Pick & Mix tonight. back live (wed 1800 UTC) for the midweek workday chill

we have 2 new live shows debut this week

Thursday 0000 UTC @drh (au/nz) live with the beat 3055 - house, tech, disco

Friday 0000 UTC
dj diginyah (nj) live with diginyah mind & soul - house


FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - 6 hr live block house music with:
2000 UTC @brothersoul - the weekend workout
2200 @knobz - after hours
0000 divine - the greasy spoon

#fediradio #np #house #live #dj #labr

I've just uploaded my new song Disco Brutus (F.L.O.) to YouTube as part of the Isotonik Studios Delorean Dream 2 Song Competition.


This song was written using synth patches from the Delorean Dream 2 sampler, speech synthesis and some percussive sounds from the Arturia MicroFreak as well as a rad little bassline from the Roland TB-03.

the digital lit publication i've been putting together for a while now is live! w six pieces of interactive/multimedia poetry ✨

Can anyone recommend somewhere in that makes great high quality, long lasting ?

#ElectronicMusic #MusicProduction people: what are the best November / "Black Friday" deals on music software / plugins?

Me and Joey T are playing vinyl live right now at Discography Records, Preston 3072. Party on yo!

Tune in

#Melbourne #Narrm #Indie #Techno #House #Disco #Acid #Preston

Happy folks! My dark 303 acid bassline based track is totally worth a listen! Check it out! - and if you wanna make sure even more money gets to my pocket consider buying the track from my ko-fi page 🙏

My advice to anybody coming here from Twitter to escape the Musk purchase:

  1. This is not Twitter. Take some time to feel out the vibe, follow the examples of people already on here.

  2. Be mindful of others and use content warnings. Caption your pictures. Don't be a tool.

  3. This is not a walled garden. The site you first sign up to may just be training wheels. You might find another that suits your interests better, no problem. isn't for everybody and that's fine.


After a tour of Electronic Sound Studio () yesterday I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Sooo many !! Needless to say that I signed up pretty much on the spot. MESS is a synth library and workshop where you book time with some hardware and have a jam. I can’t wait to use the !!

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