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A soft human. A life in permanent beta.

I am a media artist and developer. I am interested in identity, memory, nostalgia in both the physical and virtual; online and offline networks of care; personal archiving and documentation; handmade web and alternative ways of mark-making.

I create websites and zines, and occasionally write, take photographs, and shoot short films or videos.

I am also!


Generated a personal QR code 😆 I tested it and it seems to scan properly! 🌸

OK, so after which we launched in the beginnng of 2021, is Rhizome's second Fediverse service!

If you’re in Berlin on the 12th of December, C/O Digital Festival is happening, feat. the P2P Distributed Web of Care Residents!

I’ll be joining remotely, but my co-resident @naaami will be there and we’re facilitating a workshop on making a collaborative webzine in the form of a “garden” where we express our gratitude to one another and share a communal space, both in person and on the web.

I don’t know if this counts for #AdventOfCode but I’m going to dedicate an hour or two each day to go through @compudanzas’s #uxn tutorials.

:thisisfine: is calling for applications for the next round of our financially supported server residencies, happening Jan-March 2023. We collectively run a low power server on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land, in an effort to build a shared online space and help people host their own stuff. Applications close Dec 14. More info at and boosts very welcome :)

Another great #nanogenmo entry: ████ ██ Ishmael by @hugovk, a version of Moby Dick with repeated words progressively blacked out, until it becomes almost entirely censored.

# mini zine collator

- shell script for collating/imposing a one-sheet mini zine layout from a 8-pages PDF document, using the FLOSS command line tool pdfjam (part of TeX Live):



pdfjam --angle '180' --outfile /dev/stdout -- "$input_pdf" 1,8,7,6 | pdfjam --nup '4x2' --landscape --frame 'false' --outfile "$output_pdf" -- /dev/stdin - "$input_pdf" 2-5

#zine #zines #minizine

This article provides an overview of "new brutalism" and its relationship to #accessibility

tl;dr a trendy web design aesthetic that leads to relatively inaccessible experiences without a lot of care

Playing around with markov text using RiTa.js on a couple of speeches made by D*terte during his term.

Still need to write a scraper to get the whole lot of speeches fed into RiTa.


We have a mailing list where we send out opportunities about Art+science+design+tech stuff, as well as lab updates, once every couple of months!

Toss your email in here if you'd like to receive!

✿ home sweet homepage ✿, a comic about growing up online!

as a kid who always felt out of place, the Internet always felt like home to me. earlier this year, i made a comic about growing up using the Internet to learn more about the world & find my place in it.

i just got ✿ printed zines ✿ of the comic made, & they're available my shop as well as a few comic book stores in sf!

& it will always be free to read as a ✿ digital interactive comic ✿

Did you know that 35mm film cassettes could communicate with a camera?

New video!

1/ Ten years ago, editors on Wikipedia began deleting articles about BBS door games. In response, I forked all the door game articles onto a brand-new website. I called it "Break Into Chat".

#retrocomputing #breakintochat #bbs #digipres

Up to 20 or so years old, I don't have narrative memories or memories that can be placed in a narrative. Just images, mostly. I'm protective of them, so I'm careful not to construct back-story, but order the fragments by other methods. You can narrate the problems of dealing with that, obvs. Retrospectivity is automatically meta, relying on memories of the last time you tried to remember this memory... Notes about notes.

#Memory #Memoir #Remember #WishIWasHere

My grandparents are downsizing and mailing out old documents. Here’s an envelope of index cards that was my grandmother’s personal Twitter. #trasharchive

submissions will open for the next issue soon and would love to chat to folks here about it if yr interested! until then, i have a bunch of back-end bugs to jar and release back into the bush...

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