I recently found out about the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute cari.institute/ which is a collaborative visual research project looking at various design trends of the last 50 years. Two of the lead researchers also ran the y2k Institute tumblr which I always loved and in many ways CARI seems to be an extension of that focus to things liked acidgrafix and bubblegum bling. Highly recommend both their are.na channels and their discord server

Great essay on digital dualism and it's relation to 'wilderness' reallifemag.com/the-great-offl @becfary I didn't realise Nathan Jurgenson was the founder and editor of Real Life but that v much makes sense in hindsight

Randomly came across this animation/sound piece by Copper Giloth and Mimi Shevitz youtu.be/JrFub3EDN24 I haven't come across Copper Giloth's work before but apparently she was a big deal in early computer based visual art? Anyway this rules

Winamp Skin Museum - an interactive and seemingly exhaustive archive skins.webamp.org/

Haven't finished it yet but Chicory is also amazing if you're into digital drawing games

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Highly recommend Art Sqool for a nice relaxed video game over summer artsqool.cool/ - it's super cheap, cheeky and a perfect mix of creative freedom with prompts to keep engaging with it 10/10

Just a heads up for anyone here keen to catch the last room2 of the lockdown season we've moved it to Thursday night ahead of the easing @benbyrne @becfary

room2 finally got itself together to start a run of shows every friday night for the next five weeks starting tonight. it'd be lovely to see some of y'all in the chat if you have the energy, it starts at 8:00pm AEST with Local Time @becfary up first which I'm very excited for 🍃

the music stream i ran with Raag earlier this year is making a comeback during the current lockdown every friday night. it'd be lovely to see some of y'all in the chat if you have the energy :) it's 8-11pm AEST tomorrow night at room2.fm

Cool essay from Lauren Collee over on Real Life talking through non-human agency, tech representation in media and horror films. reallifemag.com/is-it-my-body/ I wanted to know more about the link between the novel form and inability to deal with climate change but it still went interesting places

One of my favourite podcasts covered The Language of New Media this month (discussion of the actual book starts at 11:00) rangedtouch.com/2021/06/30/36- would highly recommend all of the Games Studies Study Buddies podcasts for anyone interested in that area, they cover a pretty broad range of books and provide great commentary and context on a lot of ideas and concepts that are drawn into both games studies and digital media.

kickscondor.com/ is a pretty good link directory of personal sites and blogs collected by the creator of Fraidycat fraidyc.at/ worth trawling through to find some interesting stuff like this emoji drawing tool emojraw.glitch.me/ made by Shannon Lin or these browser based Dioramas dioramas.space/11.html by Elisabeth Nicula

Has anyone else here played around with hydra before? it's a fun live coding visual platform that runs in browser hydra.ojack.xyz/?sketch_id=exa it's pretty quick and easy to get started with

I also highly recommend checking out the rest of the works at darebinarts.com.au/exhibiting- i'm feeling lucky to be amongst such an array of amazing artists

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The project I've been working on with Anuraag Bhatia for the last little bit is now live over at room2.fm/ as part of Darebin Arts 'Exhibiting Culture Online'. It's a series of reflective prompts set to a different soundtrack and and visual each day which will culminate in an online performance on the 5/3. For us it was about creating a space that allowed for both personal contemplation and a shared vulnerability

This looks like a cool opportunity for anyone keen to develop web-based music with a small stipend, there's still a month left to apply


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Meeting, discussion and sharing space for those working critically and creatively with experimental digital sound, art and design, especially listening, technology, ecologies, capitalism and living through and beyond all of these

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