Finished playing through Norco this weekend - it's not too long, has the best kind of people focused sci fi writing, great soundtrack and the stunning pixel art. Highly recommend, it even works on macOS

Been listening a lot to Sunareht and couldn't put my finger on what it reminded me of until this morning - love the expansion of discman in your pocket while walking vibe

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Nikki Lam's web narrative piece for Arts House time absorbs the feelings it produces, which I coded is live now really happy with how it turned out

@becfary lol you beat me to it showing this in class I heard - someone was like oh I just saw this what a coincidence

Show thread really cool interactive animated movie about sharing your thoughts. some very flashy lights depending on how you interact but very enjoyable

Wow really didn't expect to see Bandcamp joining the media consolidation push. Guess I'll be able to listen to GMO in fortnite soon? really excited to hear Amias over the octaphonic sound system, just grabbed tickets for the 6pm session

😅 oh yeah i bet that adds up over time. now i'm curious, what's the rough size minus that?

I recently found out about the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute which is a collaborative visual research project looking at various design trends of the last 50 years. Two of the lead researchers also ran the y2k Institute tumblr which I always loved and in many ways CARI seems to be an extension of that focus to things liked acidgrafix and bubblegum bling. Highly recommend both their channels and their discord server

Great essay on digital dualism and it's relation to 'wilderness' @becfary I didn't realise Nathan Jurgenson was the founder and editor of Real Life but that v much makes sense in hindsight

Randomly came across this animation/sound piece by Copper Giloth and Mimi Shevitz I haven't come across Copper Giloth's work before but apparently she was a big deal in early computer based visual art? Anyway this rules

Winamp Skin Museum - an interactive and seemingly exhaustive archive

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