This looks like a cool opportunity for anyone keen to develop web-based music with a small stipend, there's still a month left to apply

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@p_hase Oooh. This looks cool!!! I'm definitely going to have a crack at this. Thanks!!!!

@doktorb yeah me too! I've worked a little with the tone.js audio library before, it's pretty great. I couldn't find a lot on the festival itself, I'm excited to see what an expanded curation of this kind of work might be like.

@p_hase @doktorb I'm tempted to apply too. Not that I really have the time. Could we stage a takeover?

@benbyrne @doktorb tbh i was half thinking of just asking about the festival itself. I wouldn't mind the stipend/group sessions, but really I'm just keen to be a part of another festival pushing this kind of approach. if a few of us were keen though maybe i could gauge interest with the organisers for putting a group of our works together for it

@benbyrne @p_hase I feel this. As soon as my initial buzz of enthusiasm faded and I started thinking about the year ahead and what I already had on my plate with trying to get my thesis finished and examined. I feel like a stipend represents an obligation to things that I probably don't have time for. That said, I would love to be part of a splinter group that was tangentially connected to the festival and working as a loose collective. That feels much more realistic

@doktorb @benbyrne they just got back to my email saying they're open to proposals beyond that specific development project. any thoughts on how i should pitch it to them? i guess i just could say there was a few of us interested in developing new work for it or maybe we could discuss a common thread that our work could address?

@p_hase @doktorb Great. Do you have any sense of what the festival is beyond a showcase of the collaborative commissions? It sounds to me a bit like they're offering you a chance to frame a program they could include, but it's difficult to know how to connect with what they are doing without knowing more about the event.

@benbyrne @doktorb yeah that's the problem, they were pretty open to sending a proposal for being included but didn't seem to have a concrete idea of what the whole program would be yet. i thought taking the initiative and proposing a program of works that had some kind of theme/tie would be the best way forwards if they're open to it, but just wanted to gauge interest for that approach

@p_hase @doktorb Sounds like a theme or central focus is a good idea. It could be a good chance for you to curate something if you're up for it.

@benbyrne @doktorb Cool, yeah I'm happy to take the lead on this. I emailed back and said I'd put together a proper proposal but broadly speaking it would be something like a single portal with multiple works ( maybe like the fractal fantasy site ). My instinct is small interactive pieces using tone.js (it's pretty much like any modular audio system, they have a bunch of pre-programmed modules you can connect together). Would you both be interested in working on something like that?

@p_hase @benbyrne I think starting with a common theme and curating a series of small works from there is a good way to keep it manageable whilst making it more interesting.

For me personally I was mostly interested in the collaborative angle. I have lots of ideas and experience putting sound together and pretty much zero experience/technical skills useful for creating internet-based interactive work. So my main motivation was to learn through collaborating with someone.

@doktorb @p_hase I think a single Fractal Fantasy style portal is a great way to go about it. It's one work, housing a number of works. Lots of scope for collaboration. I'd be interested to do something. It'd be a great chance for me to mess around with tone.js. Are you keen to work on the sound side @p_hase or the visuals, interface, or all of the above? It could fit with your research too if you built a visual interface for a number of people to provide audio for, code driven or otherwise?

@benbyrne @doktorb yeah in my head it was something like a common visual space that provided for others to contribute an audio sketch as some kind of preset. i'm keen to work on the visual and interface side, i would love to do audio too but i could just add an extra "preset" if i get the time. one possibility that comes to mind is something like a sound design exercise, that is given a certain visual space and interaction method what can different people add audio-wise to change the experience

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