room2 live will be up and running again as part of BLEED festival this Sunday across both url and an in person version. there'll be intermingled interaction across both versions along with hosting audio/visual/textural work from some returning room2 contributors and a couple of new guests. you can attend room2 online ( or at Arts House ( - both the url and venue doors will be open 2-7pm AEST on Sunday

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special thanks to @becfary for their thoughtful contributions to the room2's development

@p_hase Oooh I have got some a few things on that day but I'm gonna try to pop in and catch some of the steam during the afternoon. Probably towards the end.

@doktorb it'd be lovely to see you in the chat if you're around :)

@p_hase Ahhhhh shit Sunday didn't turn out quite like I had planned. Dang! I missed the stream :( I hope it was a raging success!!!

@doktorb ah no worries - it happens :) yeah I think it was - everyone said they enjoyed it and the artists all had a good time so definitely a success

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