@benbyrne yeah great audio and visual quality too, feel like i could idle there and listen for a while, if not directly engage for the whole time

@benbyrne lol no i hadn't seen it, it's great! love the laser eyes and the simplified interaction options

@doktorb I know, I also love that it's barely even a listicle, surely someone has optioned it by now 😅

@doktorb hahahahaha tech companies hate when we "think different"

@benbyrne yeah that's pretty much my thoughts too, i agree with the need for more expressive affordances but i'm not sure VR is realistically more successful than say emojis in that regard given the costs (time, energy & money) of development/personalisation/use?

@benbyrne very interesting things to think about from the article considering my own preference's reversion from 3D back to 2D. I think I see where's they're coming from with the flattening and it's a good prompt for thinking about my work for sure, thanks for sharing!

@benbyrne cool I hadn't heard the name before, just looking at their other work now

@benbyrne yeah i'm tempted to go back into Noita again now. If you haven't played that it takes the pixel sim concept to a very extreme level. It's fun but pretty hard, would recommend

One of my favourite podcasts covered The Language of New Media this month (discussion of the actual book starts at 11:00) rangedtouch.com/2021/06/30/36- would highly recommend all of the Games Studies Study Buddies podcasts for anyone interested in that area, they cover a pretty broad range of books and provide great commentary and context on a lot of ideas and concepts that are drawn into both games studies and digital media.

kickscondor.com/ is a pretty good link directory of personal sites and blogs collected by the creator of Fraidycat fraidyc.at/ worth trawling through to find some interesting stuff like this emoji drawing tool emojraw.glitch.me/ made by Shannon Lin or these browser based Dioramas dioramas.space/11.html by Elisabeth Nicula

@doktorb No 😶, listening to them now and loving it. Thanks for the recommend and please let me know of any more upcoming live streams in that vein!

@doktorb this is so great. Not sure if it's specifically cybergrind? but I've enjoyed when that influence seems to pop up in Fire-Toolz work youtube.com/watch?v=Qfq2M4GTlR any other acts you'd recommend beyond Thotcrime?

@becfary thanks for the recommend! i'll have to check out what i can still stream. i'm V into the interface/site, it is awkward but i find it very fun! it's nice to see complexity in 2D space like this tbh

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