every bandcamp friday i receive 100-350 emails and inevitably buy exactly 9 releases

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Avantwhatever.net is calling for applications for the next round of our financially supported server residencies, happening Jan-March 2023. We collectively run a low power server on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land, in an effort to build a shared online space and help people host their own stuff. Applications close Dec 14. More info at avantwhatever.net/#application and boosts very welcome :)

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You can now listen back to my 2 hours takeover of Space Africa NTS radio show last night, an extended version of my mix at Ohm Berlin from last August. From an oil field to a black hole to the waves of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, you go back and forward in time through mostly sounds of the afro / diasporic imagination 🌍🌎


For the context: I had done this selection at the occasion of the release event of DeForrest Brown Jr.'s book "Assembling a Black Counter Culture" here in Berlin, which I highly recommend to read. It reframes the history of techno with a focus on the history of Black experiences in industrialized labor systems, all the while detaching the word from the electronic dance music industry and repositioning the genre in the history of experimental music.

#SoundStudies #experimental #radio #black #BlackMastodon #bipoc

'The boxes are full of matches with green striking heads. Sixty in each box: seconds in a minute and minutes in an hour. Each one a potential flame.'

thinking about the ease of john berger's images and linkages (above, from confabulations)

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I have a radio show on @bffdotfm called Shadowtime. You can find it at bff.fm/shows/shadowtime.

I often collect short voice memos from listeners and my larger communities to intermix with music and audio storytelling.

For next week's Shadowtime I want to hear from you about how you stay warm in the winter - physically, emotionally...any favorite rituals or sweaters or candles or food or gatherings?

Send me a short voice memo here by December 6th: http://bff.fm/shadowtime-voicememo.

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the digital lit publication i've been putting together for a while now is live! crawlspace.cool w six pieces of interactive/multimedia poetry ✨

woke up thinking about the production of affect as a kind of escape velocity

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Finally sat down with this. Nancy Mauro Flude's 'A Crystalline Sphere' is beautiful `'-.,_,.-'``'-.,`'-.,_,.-'``'-.,`'-.,_,.-'``'-.,`'-.,_,.-'``'-., divination.cc/sphere/

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two years after i leave my job at a public cultural institution and i'm still getting messages like 'where would we find the password for this website we publish' (:

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Audition #5 is happening this Friday at Composite, featuring Amias Hanley and Local Time creatively addressing attention, attunement and access - Free by RSVP events.humanitix.com/audition-

toots about mastodon are like poems about poems (but worse)

one thing that i think keeps art(ist) books circulating amongst elites etc. is that there are no reviews of them and no way to apprehend a little more before buying them. obviously this is unsurprising given the fate of even mainstream book reviews, but i wonder if art book publishers could give a little more away without feeling like they're giving up the aura (which seems to be a big selling point fuelling acquisitive fervour)

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Yet another article linking soya (and beef and palm oil) to tropical deforestation, yet failing to point out that just 6% of all soya produced globally is consumed directly by humans. The remainder becomes soya meal used as livestock feed (75%), and some biofuels. Further, next to none of the soya grown in the Amazon Basin, Gran Chaco or anywhere in the tropics becomes tofu. Articles like this feed myths that soy based human foods cannot be part of the solution https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/nov/12/food-firms-plans-15c-climate-target-fall-short-campaigners-aoe

the year is 2022. every radio station is a wine bar and restaurants are the new bands. music is banned

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OK everyone with #asthma in Victoria. Please take your reliever puffer (blue/salbutamol/ventolin/asmol or red/white Symbicort) out with you, and ideally a spacer.
Asthma Action Plans at the ready.
It’s Thunderstorm Asthma time again.
Tell all your friends and family with asthma

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