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going full dumbass chamber pop, lock up your harpsicords etc

'I’ve gone through phases of “sad politics” myself and I’ve learned to identify the mistakes that generate it. It has many sources. But one factor is the tendency to exaggerate the importance of what we can do by ourselves, so that we always feel guilty for not accomplishing enough.' blog.p2pfoundation.net/feeling

btw @benbyrne have we talked about cher tan? outstanding critic of tech, hyperreality etc

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@p_hase "an iPhone is made using elements that required billions of years to be produced. If we take this perspective of deep time, we're extracting Earth's history to serve a split second of technological convenience" phwoarrrr !!

remember all our stupid little adventures

pouring one out for the candid camera showrunners

pastimes include: observing the emergence of strong emotions without being overtaken by them

v distorted beats i like it i also can't believe i'm falling asleep while listening to it gentledefect.bandcamp.com

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