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Avantwhatever.net invites applications for two-month financially-supported server residencies.

We undertake hosting as creative and social practice, helping people to host their own stuff online and to develop shared server practices. We engage with the internet as material reality, from the technology employed to the energy used, and country occupied.

Full details, application process, and contact information available at: avantwhatever.net/

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“Messaging apps should consider reviving AIM’s Away Message to create better social boundaries around people’s time…” https://www.wired.com/story/bring-back-the-aim-away-message

my friends don't realise their proximity to a cannellini bean collector

some of these fediverse posters are the most tedious people on the planet

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Jonathan 🤝 a person
being able to chair a meeting

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I've got a new solo release out, the first in a while. It's called /OPT and it's available from Avantwhatever, for free download at avantwhatever.com and pay as you want on bandcamp. Thanks to all you listeners out there. avantwhatever.bandcamp.com/alb

cw: ebay sex toy ad 

absolute pleasure / weeknight ebay recommendations (this was three clicks from 'helmut newton')

people leaving twitter (musk) posting toots about goodreads (bezos) :)

thinking of becoming avantwhatever.org's majority shareholder

had a really strong 'get fucked' reaction to this essay (min2.report/diego-ramirez/fuck) – a kind of coincidental adjunct, i think, to the recent spike art mag 'art scene: melbourne' piece (spikeartmagazine.com/?q=articl). like the left blaming itself for the right, i reflexively blamed DEI grifters for provoking the 'woke capitalism' backlash – some valid frustrations met with wholesale dismissal/snark and a return to shithead supremacy. is this my karen moment? it's vice do's and don'ts all over again

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YARRA TRAMS backwards is SMART ARRAY and I have no idea what to do with this information

prediction: squarepusher will become naarm cool again in summer 2024-5

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At @geraldine's lecture yesterday I was thinking how hard it is in general to criticize any big tech infrastructure project without becoming complicit in its success. You cannot criticize YouTube, facebook, crypto, or similar projects operating on a similar layer of the stack by engaging with them. The classic media art "hack" tactic doesn't work because any criticism is structurally appropriated by these platforms. When the only goal of a project is growth, any engagement will work towards that goal.

For instance, even highly coordinated trolling attacks such as "operation porn day" against YouTube only made YouTube stronger, because YouTube received neatly identifiable training materials for their machine learning algo to prevent such attacks in the future. Any criticism against facebook just gives facebook the material they can put into their next press release about what they're supposedly working on. Any demonstration that exposes how crypto conceptually is unable to deliver on its promises can be minted the next minute.

Only creating and sustaining a parallel infrastructure, not an oppositional one, can have any effect.

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The campaign to save the Curtin Hotel is looking for stories of its significance, to help establish its heritage and social value, and get it protected under heritage laws. Please add a story if you can. weareunion.typeform.com/saveth

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