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Read somewhere that "boss music" in games often uses odd meters, so here we are! #Pico8

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Feeling like your Spotify Wrapped is a little... predictable? Shake it up

sam boosted is calling for applications for the next round of our financially supported server residencies, happening Jan-March 2023. We collectively run a low power server on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land, in an effort to build a shared online space and help people host their own stuff. Applications close Dec 14. More info at and boosts very welcome :)

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A small piece of business! My collection White Cat, Black Dog comes out from Random House on March 28, 2023. Pre-order from Book Moon & get a signed chapbook of one of the stories. (Cover art by Shaun Tan.) Link below to details & order info:

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Google has now migrated to thus if you grant Geoloc permission in your browser, every G-service on can track your location.

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White-Breasted Nuthatch was on the sidewalk outside my new apartment. He was calm, still, didn't look hurt so we just sat there fussing over him. People stopped. One man offered little bird his fingers and up he hopped. We were delighted. Bird sat in the man's hands as we strangers shared a friendly time chatting. (See birdsite? What you could have been?) About 10 minutes passed when to our surprise little bird flew off and went about his day. So did we 😊

#birdstodon #birds

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Links to your #bots on Botwiki will now help you verify them on #Mastodon.

1. Submit your bot to Botwiki:
2. Add the Botwiki link to your bot's profile.
3. Now you're Botwiki-verified! And for free!

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I walk&talk with many people through the neighbourhood. I track these routes with osmtracker and connecting them via embroidery, to reveal new spaces. #designresearch, #datavis, #deepmapping, #dataembroidery, #embroidery, #creativemethods , #socialdesign , #publicspace, #soesterkwartier, #strollogy #mentalmap, #reflection

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I waited and waited until the unknown woman was in the right spot; I needed her as scale for you to see the size of the chevron folds.
Carboniferous rocks folded during the Variscan orogeny, in Millook Haven, #Cornwall
Been there three times, always in awe.
#FridayFold #Geology #photography #nature

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Imagine a piece of tissue paper.

Coat it with cyanotype chemicals.

Fold it into an origami crane.

Let it be a crane for a while, in any place with a bit of light. Ignore it, play with it, whatever.

After a while, unfold it. Develop.

You'll get an image.

The image is the memory of it's experience as an origami crane.

Repeat. Every crane's experience - and hence every image - will be unique.

Here's 4 out of the >750 I've made so far.

#blueprint #origami #orizuru #metamorphogram #memory

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Amazed by Queensland artist Tim Molloy’s experiments with Midjourney v4, imagining production stills from 1960s/1970s TV shows that never existed. Many more on his IG.

This tin of Minerva Sardines in Olive Oil with Curry was a letdown. Not much curry flavor at all. The fish itself was fine.

Today's newsletter from Mason Currey was a good one - Excited to check out Viv Albertine's book.

Pantarei is a great little game we've been bringing with us to breweries lately. This was at Sidereal Farm Brewery this weekend.

Here's some raw audio of fledgling barred owls (and a mosquito). Please use it wisely.

Hey AvantWhatevereres! Thanks for having he here. I’m an experimental electronic musician and painter and sometimes-writer. I like messing around with python-based code art projects, too. Looking forward to seeing what you all are up to.

Meeting, discussion and sharing space for those working critically and creatively with experimental digital sound, art and design, especially listening, technology, ecologies, capitalism and living through and beyond all of these. Hosted in Singapore, on Malay land, in a data center powered with 100% renewable energy.